What Kind Of Person Are You?

If like most network marketers, you probably began building your business part-time.

You cannot get back the time you spent building your business even though you worked harder than ever. So now you have to get results from the time you spent and get the most out of your investment.


Our life can end as unexpectedly as when fish are caught in a net or birds in a trap. Hence, we should not idly waste time.


The person who involved in Network Marketing, waste the time and effort in two ways.
First, the person goes to great lengths trying to recruit people who will never agree to become good participants.

Secondly, the person recruits successfully, but the individuals end up being short-timers. These are people who sign up, make a purchase or two, never really get involved in recruiting others into their group and building their business.


In terms of sales, these are one-time buyers, rather than the lifetime relation­ships that good salespeople and most especially good Network Marketing Sales­people—are always looking for. Networkers need to exert themselves like someone in a race. You do not waste time and effort looking back but press on toward your goal—like a runner straining to cross the finish line. Recall what happened to John Landy in the “miracle mile”. When John Landy looked back over his left shoulder, Roger Bannister passed him on his right. Of that instant John Landy said, “When Lots wife looked back she was turned into a pillar of salt. When I looked back I was turned into a pillar of bronze!”


There are people who are active… these are individuals who have to have con­trol of everything that goes on around them. They find it difficult to func­tion in situations where they’re not making all the critical decisions themselves. This person is often attracted to Network Marketing Sales because it allows he/she to control his/her own life, set his/her own hours and make his/her own decisions.


On the other hand, the passive person is less concerned with being in control. He/she is perfectly willing to allow someone else to make decisions and set the guidelines for him/her to follow. This type of person may also be attracted to Network Marketing, and escape the 9 to 5 rat race, especially if they feel that the company or upline organization has created a system for him/her to follow and has made all the major decisions, leaving him/her free to follow these carefully designed, proven steps for success.


External people are those who are more concerned about pleasing others. These people are compelled to share their successful ideas. They are typically involved in charitable activities, and they enjoy hearing about the success of others and respond positively when asked to do something to help others. They have a tendency to actively seek out opportunities to do good for others.


Internal people are mainly concerned with what benefits they get from engaging in a particular activity. They speak rather than listen, and generally prefer to work alone, talk a lot about their own personal accomplishments and tend to take the credit for the success of a venture, rather than spread the recognition around to the others involved. They have the “I” syndrome. They normally care more about their own advancement within an organization than with the accomplishments of their team.


So in most cases, the people described above cannot be changed in the way they are. They are what they are.


Notice how these different types of person do business.



Needs: Has to be in control.

Main Concern: Benefiting others.

How To Spot: Self-confident, but considerate; not much for conversation beyond polite “yes” and “no” responses.

How to Approach: Stresses facts over emotions; doesn’t like small talk; will buy what you’re selling if it meets his needs; focuses on the “match,” or “fit.”



Needs: Also needs to be in control.

Main Concern: Benefits himself.

How To Spot: Pushy, Mucho, sometimes even rude; will show that he understands even if he doesn’t; will remind you that he is in control; needs to be right; looks away from you, rather than directly at you.

How to Approach: Answer all their questions; compliment them; agree with them as often as possible; do not challenge their authority or argue with them, you will lose; be strong, positive and agreeable.



Needs: Structure and/or direction and stability.

Main Concern: Benefiting others. He is friendly; often apologetic; concerned about your welfare; interested in small talk; wants to be liked and well thought of.

How to Approach: You have to get to know them; establish their trust; spend time with them; they will buy from (and pay a higher price) from a person they like.



Needs: Structure and/or direction and stability.

Main Concern: Benefit them.

How to Spot: Have a lack of self-confidence; they are often timid, doubtful, seeks constant support for their position, afraid of the unknown.

How to Approach: have to be supportive; Must pay them compliments; Have to be patient, constantly reassure them about your product, your company, the profession, and yourself; constantly need to reassure them about themselves.


How can this information benefit you?

Most business is done doing business with other people who are in the same category as you are?

If you’re an active external individual, you have a much greater chance of doing business with other people who are active-externals.


So, first study yourself carefully and learn which category you fall into. Then, upon meeting a new prospect, learn all you can about him or her. Decide which of the four categories the person falls into.


What if you’re not a good match with that particular prospect?

Then select whichever member of your Network organization could work most effectively with that person, and put them together. Make the introduction yourself, and let their natural affinity for each other go to work for you.


Oil and water don’t mix so when you fit people together using these four categories, it allows you (and them) to build an organization much more quickly and easily.


Remember, Network Marketing Sales is a business driven by duplication. Teach each of your team in your organization how to master and use this knowledge.

If you don’t, do this, you’ll wind up either wasting your time because they don’t sign up—or worse yet, you’ll get them enrolled, or you will both become disappointed and become early dropouts.


Commit to saving your valuable time and effort—and all your people’s time, energy and effort, and concentrate on those people who will pay the greatest dividends for your organization.


Recall what happened to John Landy in the “miracle mile”. When he looked back he turned into a pillar of bronze!”

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I have spent more than 35 years in the industry, working my way up from the bottom as a distributor to becoming the vice-president of a large network distribution company. I gained entrepreneurial skills employed in that capacity for seven years, and then applied those talents in my own direct sales consulting business. Over the years I came to appreciate how a successful network marketing distribution company should be organized and operated. Now I enjoying helping others build there dreams by being truly successful.

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