BURNOUT!!! What Can You Do?

BURNOUT!!! What Can You Do?

Burnout is characterized by chronic exhaustion and strong feelings of frustration and powerlessness. Those suffering from burnout tend to withdraw emotionally from their work, lose motivation, and become less productive. Studies also link burnout to numerous emotional and physical health problems. Burnout is like a disease that needs to be cared for promptly.

What causes people to suffer from burnout? Taking on too much work is often the cause of burnout. Because of economic pressures, and the need to be profitable, some employers demand that employees work longer hours, at times for less money. Technology now keeps some in constant contact with their job, blurring the lines between work and private life. Some people go through anxiety if they do not have their cell phones with them. For some, job insecurity, lack of control over their work, or feelings of being treated unfairly contribute to burnout. So does dealing with unclear priorities or conflicts with coworkers.

Burnout can also be self-inflicted. Some bring burnout upon themselves by trying to climb the corporate ladder of success. In the pursuit of career goals and greater income, some try to fit ever more work into their life by multi-tasking. Such ones may become overcommitted and find themselves on the road to burnout. They fail to see that they cannot handle it any longer and thus suffer from burnout.

If you are experiencing workplace burnout, what can you do about it? Granted, change may seem impossible if you feel trapped in circumstances beyond your control. Many feel trapped because they are living beyond their means and would not be able to make a change in life. Nevertheless, consider the following four steps for dealing with burnout. You may have more options than you might think.


Many people would likely put family relationships and good health near the top of their list. These are things that are likely to suffer if you are burned out. So ask yourself, what is it that is most important to you?

By getting your priorities straight, you prepare yourself to make difficult decisions and accept trade-offs. For example, you may see that your employment is leading to burnout. Yet you may reason, ‘I cannot change jobs or work less; I need the income! I have a family to support’ True, everyone needs income, but how much and at what cost to the things you value most? Are you willing to pay with your health, your life?

Beware of pressure to adopt the priorities of others around you as your own. Your employer’s priorities and yours are usually much different. Others may choose to put work first in their life, but this does not mean that you must do the same. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander thinking.


To reduce stress and gain time for what you truly value, you may consider working fewer hours, you may be able to persuade your employer to reduce your current job demands, or you may determine that you need to change jobs. Or you may decide to pursue Network Marketing and work from home as many do today and get away from the 9 to 5 rat race. Network marketing affords participants the opportunity to build an ever increasing passive residual income. You can increase your income without increasing the number of hours you spend at work. You can actually reduce your working hours and still see your income going up. Whatever you decide to do, you will likely need to adjust your financial situation and make changes in your lifestyle. But this is not impossible and may not be as hard as you might think.

In many lands, a consumer-oriented society sends the message that happiness is linked to income level and possessions. But in reality it is not. A simpler lifestyle can bring greater freedom and satisfaction. To prepare for such a change, reduce expenses and save money. Sit down and count the cost and try to lower or eliminate your debt. Gather your family together and discuss the need for change, and seek their support. Try to be content with what you have and less if possible.


If you face an unrealistic workload or some other persistent problem in your workplace, discuss your situation with your employer. Whenever possible, offer solutions that meet both your needs and those of your employer. Reassure your employer of your commitment to your work, and explain what you are willing to do; but be clear and firm about what you are not able to do. If this does not work, consider making a change in your career and consider other options. Many wives have assisted family incomes by taking up Network Marketing.

Be realistic about your options. Can you live on less money; will doing this affect the possibility of losing my job? It is good to anticipate risks such as the threat of job loss, and be prepared to respond. Remember that your prospects for finding a different job are better while you are still employed. If you have been considering Network Marketing, it would be prudent to get it started and producing an income before pulling the pin on your present employment.

Even when you have reached a mutually agreeable work arrangement with your employer, you can expect to be pressured again to take on more work. What can help you to remain firm? Stick to the decision that you have made. Doing so might give you leverage to ask your employer to do the same in return, including keeping your workload within the agreed limits.


Even when your work is free of major problems, you may still have your share of stresses, difficult people, and unpleasant situations. So make time for sufficient rest and balanced recreation. Remember that recreation does not have to be expensive to be refreshing to you and your family.

Cultivate recreational interests and friendships apart from your work, and avoid defining yourself by the type and amount of work that you do. Why? The book Your Money or Your Life observes: “Who you are is far greater than what you do for money.” This shows that you need to be balanced so that you do not suffer from burnout. If your identity and self-worth come primarily from your work, then you will find it difficult to minimize the role that work plays in your life. Network Marketing may be the answer to your life’s problem and save you from burnout.

Can you really make the changes needed to deal successfully with burnout? Yes, you can.

Good health to you!

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