Promoting In Network Marketing Is Better Than Selling

Promoting in network marketing is the key strategy rather than selling.

“I want a job that makes good money you say.”

Sales and selling are uncomfortable for a great many people to make money.

If people are uncomfortable with something, they won’t do it. That’s why we need an alternative to traditional sales. That is just a fact of life today.

  • It’s not that selling is bad. Developing sales skills can be very useful. The sales process itself — learning to close, handling objections, distinguishing features, advantages, and benefits — is too hard for most people.
  •  Buying is one thing. Being sold is another. Selling tends to have a tendency to influence, or manhandle, and people have a built-in resistance to being pushed or pulled to do things.

What is Promoting in network marketing?

People love to purchase, but hate to be sold. There’s another way to accomplish the goal of sales without the old paradigm conflict of buying, and selling in network marketing field. It’s called promoting.

When you’re selling the end result you’re after is to get the order. When you’re promoting in network marketing field, the result is to successfully communicate value. When you’re promoting in network marketing, your job is done once people understand the value of what you’re offering.

Selling is a learned technique.

You’re not born a salesperson; it’s something you become after studying, and developing the use of the tools, and techniques of the trade. But you are a born promoter. We all are. Many salesmen continue to go for sales training for years as they pursue their career.

When people get excited about something, we have a natural commitment to sharing that with somebody else. The more valuable the product or experience, the more committed we are to telling other people about it.

This sharing of your enthusiasm is called promoting in network marketing. It’s not sales in the sense of the word, but a lot of things get sold by people’s promoting them. In fact, it’s the way most things do “get sold.”

We promote all the time. If we like something, the next thing we do is talk about it.

In network marketing, as soon as people get caught up in the process of selling, they lose their ability to promote effectively. The more people get into having to sell, trying to sell, the further they get from the natural, contagious enthusiasm of promoting in network marketing field.

Some people are great salesmen, most people aren’t.

Most people are great promoters. Watch children when they want something. In some cases, children are being raised in materialistic families. “Parents want to make their children happy, and children want stuff,” says the book The Narcissism Epidemic. “Thus parents buy them stuff, and children are happy, but only for a short period of time. Then they want even more stuff.”

Which is easier to duplicate: sales or promoting?

When you’re selling, the issue is you as a salesperson. When you’re promoting in network marketing field, what’s important is the value of what you’re offering which will help you to become a founding member of your business.

Paul Stevens, a television ad writer, said in his book I Can Sell You Anything: “Advertising tells you what to buy, how to buy, and why to buy any particular brand or product. The thing that amazes me is that it continues to work.” In his best-selling book The Hidden Persuaders, Vance Packard wrote: “The result is that many of us are being influenced and manipulated far more than we realize, in the patterns of our everyday lives.”

Such advertising is most effective when it deals with non urgent needs. A man who is hungry does not need to be told that he needs food. The man who already has a perfectly good car has to be tempted if he is to go into debt to buy a new one.

With sales, the messenger, and his or her ability to sell is the bottom line. With promoting in network marketing, it’s the message — not the messenger.

When you sell, you have to be a good salesperson. When you promote, all you have to be is excited about what you’re talking about. The prospect isn’t judging your sales ability. He’s judging the value of the product you’re so enthusiastic about.

When you’re selling, it’s about you. It’s personal. If they say “No,” they’re saying “No” to you personally. They’re rejecting you because a sale is about you getting them to buy what you’re selling. A sales strategy consists of a plan that positions your company or product to gain a competitive advantage.

When you’re promoting in network marketing field, it’s about them. It’s personal all right —for them. If they say “No,” they say “No” for themselves — not for you. To promote is a method you use to spread the word about your product or service to customers, and the broader public.

In sales, you want them to give you something — the order. Promoting in network marketing field, you want to give them something — the value.

  • A sale is taking.
  • Promoting is giving.

When you want something, and somebody says, “No,” how do you feel?

Today, it is obvious that gift giving continues to be a basic human way of establishing, and strengthening the bond of love and friendship, to let others know that we care.

When you give something to somebody, and they refuse the gift, how do you feel? You may be disappointed, but it’s their loss isn’t it?

Promoting in network marketing field starts with recognizing the value for yourself. What’s the value of your product for you? What’s the real value of the opportunity for you?

Ask yourself: What has this product done for me? What benefits have I gotten from using these products? How have they contributed to me? Changed me for the better? … Made a positive difference in my life?

Ask yourself about your opportunity: How has being involved made my life better, more fun, more exciting? What new things have I learned? What new skills have I developed? How has my opportunity contributed to my life … to my family and friends? What are the possibilities for my future?

Then, share that with others.

Instead of counting how many prospects you’ve signed up, count the number of times you’ve enthusiastically shared your opportunity.

That’s what really counts and thus you can make a perfect business venture.

When you and your people shift from selling to promoting in network marketing field, something very interesting happens. You give people a choice, and they buy from you more often. More people sign-up.

When you stop selling and start promoting in network marketing field, people start asking you, “How can I buy?” Isn’t that what you want? Don’t you really want people to come up to you, and say “How can I get some of that? How can I get involved?”

In network marketing field, stop selling and start promoting. Because, Selling is taking; Promoting is giving.

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