What Should We Believe And How

What should we believe depends upon the truth and that truth is relative—in other words, that what is true to one person may be untrue to another so that both may be “right.” This belief is so widespread that there is a word for it—“relativism.”

So what is belief?

To many people today, BELIEF IS A FEELING OF CERTAINTY — of being certain of possibilities. When people believe something, what they really believe is that the thing is possible. Is this how you view the matter of truth? If so, is it possible that you have adopted this view without thoroughly questioning it? Even if you have not, do you know how much this philosophy affects your life?

Let’s talk about what should we believe and what not…

Life after death . . . a cure for cancer or Lupus or AIDS … success in any endeavor … either we believe it’s possible or we do not. Look at it this way, about as much chance as a man with a wooden leg in a forest fire. The more certain you feel a thing is possible for you, the stronger your belief.

Many people doubt what they read and hear.

The exact opposite of belief is that you can weaken or even kill a belief by introducing doubt.

For example, many people doubt what they read and hear in the news. Doubt is black. Belief is white. Have you ever mixed white paint with black? What is the result? You get gray. Doubt is like that, it grays everything up.

“WHAT is ‘truth’?”

 “WHAT is ‘truth’?” That was the question that Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea in the first century, asked of Jesus, who was on trial before the governor. Pilate, of course, was not really seeking the truth. If anything, his question revealed his skeptical or cynical attitude. Apparently, to Pilate truth was whatever a person might choose or was taught to believe; there was really no way to determine what is ‘truth’. Many today feel the same way.

Now, what should we believe when it comes to network marketing?

Once there was a lady who was a legal secretary who became involved in Network Marketing.

She believed that she could grow her business quickly because she had contacts with over 100 lawyers. But that never happened. Why? Because she didn’t believe that her lawyer friends would treat her as an equal or pay attention to the opportunity she was offering them. Janice was literally a prisoner of her own beliefs.

After much thought and mentoring from experienced friends, she acknowledged that what she was offering these guys is hope. She had solutions to their problems. Those lawyers needed her.

She simply shifted her belief about lawyers and who she really was for them. She shifted her belief from being limited to one of power. The process of laying the foundation for that moment had taken her two months. Within the next six months, she became a transformed person: poised, confident, and self-assured. Her income went from zero to over $10,000 per month.

So, to make money through networking you have to believe in yourself and here you will get some of the tips. To know more click here..

You choose to believe what…

So there is a need to be careful that when your belief is shattered, empty values may rush in to fill the vacuum. This is one of the great creative secrets to success in any and every aspect of life and work. You make up your beliefs. You decide. Positive or negative, you choose to believe what and how you do.

We clearly have a choice: Create beliefs that limit you or create beliefs that em­power you. It really is that simple, it is up to you.

The need to think or to believe something positive.

John and Francine have four part-time jobs between them. However, they earn less than John alone earned at his previous full-time job. In spite of this, they have accepted it as a teaching experience for their five children. Francine stated: “Without the problems they’d have been better off in a material way, but they’d have missed the pitfalls that teach you how to live.”

It is your thoughts and feelings that create the results you accomplish in your life. When they are, in some unexplainable way, aligned with what is right and true, your thoughts and feelings simply proceed towards an inevitable conclusion, which we will call “the result.”

If you want to believe it and feel great, you need to think and feel great. Don’t assume that once a certain hoped-for or anticipated result is achieved, the wonderful feeling will then follow. That’s not true. Positive thoughts and feelings are not the results of positive believe. They are the cause, and the place to tap into them is directly through your mindset.

Imagine yourself achieving your goal

Imagination is a mental exercise that keeps truly successful people’s minds young and fresh. Imagination is one of our greatest resources. For some reason, people assume imagination is the sole province of artists, children, and crazy people.

“Fast-forward” and imagine yourself achieving your goal. Feel the sense of accomplishment. Next, “rewind” through the individual steps, and visualize each of them. Finally, press, “play.” See yourself completing each step, and imagine how great you’ll feel when you reach your goal. Now go for it!

Shakespeare put these words in the mouth of the Duke Theseus:

The lunatic, the lover and the poet

Are of imagination all compact:

One sees more devils than vast hell can hold,

That is, the madman: the lover, all as frantic,

Sees Helen’s beauty in a brow of Egypt:

The poet’s eye, in a fine frenzy rolling,

Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven;

And as imagination bodies forth

The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen

Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing

A local habitation and a name.

— A Midsummer Nights Dream

But the Duke had it wrong. We all have the gift of the poet, rich in the possibilities of boundless imagination — the ability to give shapes and names to thing unknown . . . to dream. We just forgot.

Just as intuition is not just for women, imagination is for all of us. But for MOE people, imagination is a muscle that’s not used enough to be flexible and strong So, take it to the gym and give it a good workout a couple of times a week, a pretty soon your imagination will have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A reporter was talking once with Walt Disney’s son at the grand opening 1 Disney World in Florida. The reporter said, “It’s too bad Walt didn’t live to see this.”

Walt’s son replied, “He did. That’s why you’re looking at it now.” Imagination. Powerful!

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