Be A Smart Monkey – Asking The Right Question

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We are all smart monkeys in the jungle of life. We know how to search for the answers. The trouble is, we are not asking the right Question at that moment. So, you can leave the rat race behind only with a viewpoint question. Read more about how to be a perfect network- marketer.   Take an Example:  A smart [...]

What Is The Secret To Achieving Success

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Regarding Network Marketing, the most often asked question is what is the secret to achieving success? In order to answer the question, some clarification of the term “suc­cess” is needed. The dictionary defines success, as the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. So, the secret to achieving success for each of us, it is completely dependent upon [...]

What is the Secret of a Wealthy Person

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Have you listened to the story of ‘The goose who laid the golden egg’. What is the Secret of a Wealthy Person? Residual income is similar to royalty income, such as that earned by a successful author, musician, songwriter or inventor, or the dividend income earned from investing in stocks or real estate. So, making [...]

Integrity In Network Marketing To Sell Values And Ethics

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What is integrity in network marketing? “Integrity” is moral soundness or completeness. Many people seem to have a hazy idea of what integrity is. For example, when politicians boast of their integrity, they often seem to mean honesty. That quality is important, but it is only a part of integrity. Integrity in network marketing involves [...]

Women In Network Marketing Business

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A Historical Perspective on Women in Business Going back to the 1600s and early 1700s, business was primarily made up of farmers, artisans, and small shopkeepers who worked at home or near home with the women working closely with them. Business was about a unified family economy centered in the home. Women stayed at home raised [...]

Success in Network Marketing Monotony or Momentum

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How to get success in Network Marketing: Monotony or Momentum As we all know how perception works, some people think when they see Multilevel Network Marketing (remove MLM to maintain keyword ratio) that it stands for monotony while others see it as momentum. The definition of monotony according to the dictionary is: wearisome uniformity or lack of variety. [...]

BURNOUT!!! What Can You Do?

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BURNOUT!!! What Can You Do? Burnout is characterized by chronic exhaustion and strong feelings of frustration and powerlessness. Those suffering from burnout tend to withdraw emotionally from their work, lose motivation, and become less productive. Studies also link burnout to numerous emotional and physical health problems. Burnout is like a disease that needs to be [...]

Is It True: Nothing Equals Nothing

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Is it always true about Nothing Equals Nothing A wise owl once asked by a small bird if he knew what the weight of a snowflake was.  He replied that nothing equals nothing.   If that’s the case, said the small bird, then tell me this: I once sat on a branch of a tree, near [...]