Acquiring Referral Sources for Network Marketing

This secret in acquiring referral sources for network marketing is about asking for help from people you know, and who are very likely interested in your product, and/or your opportunity. It’s a simple step-by-step method for obtaining great referrals.


Building Your Business through Referral Sources for Network Marketing Is Fun

First of all, it’s much easier to approach someone that you know, or your friend who knows a friend.

Imagine starting out by saying, “Hi, Joanne, its Jiri calling”. I was talking to Frank Jones the other day, and he suggested I give you a call because…” Hopefully, Joanne will be much more open to what you have to say right from the outset — especially if Frank is someone she particularly likes, and respects.


It’s a fact in the Network Marketing business, and you have to acknowledge that you’ll need to talk to a lot of people to acquire a perfect business venture. Let’s say you have a goal of talking to ten new people every week. Wouldn’t you like to use less energy to find, and talk to these ten? Well, the pro­cess is much simpler if you’re approaching people with whom you have at least an indirect connection. It’s difficult to get a complete stranger to give you an hour of their time. So if it’s a friend of a friend, it takes much less time, and effort when talking to people with whom you have a common friend! Thus, you can grow a list of referral sources for network marketing business.


Spread the word

Tell your neighbors, teachers, and relatives that you’re looking people interested in Network Marketing. If you’re shy about asking them directly, you might simply ask them if they know of someone who would be interested in your product, and/or your opportunity. The more people who know that you’re looking for customers, the more leads, and the referral sources for network marketing you’ll likely get.


If it’s easier to approach referrals, and it takes less time, why don’t we ask for referrals more often?


Maybe we forget. That’s easy enough to do, especially when we’re excited about starting with a new customer. Or maybe we have a resistance to asking for help, the rejection syndrome. Or maybe it’s because, deep down, we realize that if the tables were turned, we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving out the names of our own friends!


Let’s look more closely at this “discomfort factor.” There are three main reasons why people feel uncomfortable about giving referrals.

  • First, they may not be comfortable with your product or service (or with Network Marketing in general).
  • Second, they may be wary of what you’re going to say to their contacts, and they may not want to be quoted as giving a recommendation or endorsement.
  • Third, your Referral Sources for network marketing doesn’t want his or her contacts to be annoyed by your approach, and in turn annoyed at him for giving you their names. Please don’t tell my friend that I referred him.


Let’s look at each of these “discomfort factors” in turn.


Discomfort Factor #1: Uneasiness with Product or Network Marketing In General

You can address this one by carefully planning in advance who you will ask for referrals.


  • Consider this:

Only ask people with whom you’ve “earned the right” to ask. If you barely know someone, you may feel uncomfortable asking for referrals — that’s a signal that you haven’t yet earned the right.


There are two categories of people from whom you automatically have the right to ask for referral sources for network marketing.

The first category is small and includes your closest family and friends. You have earned the right with them because they obviously care about you and your success.

 The second (and much bigger) category of good candidates to ask for referral sources for network marketing is your customers! Once they are happy users of your product or service, they are the perfect source for referrals. One caution: try to avoid asking them until they are enjoying and are delighted with your product. This is when their enthusiasm for sharing the benefits will be the highest, and you will truly have earned the right to ask and you become a founding member of your business.


  • Consider this:

Educate your Referral Sources about your business. Whether your Referral Sources for network marketing are family, a neighbor or a happy customer, you will usually need to educate them (at least a little) about your Network Marketing business before they will feel open to giving you referrals.


Over 10 million people are working either part-time or full-time in network marketing in the United States, and upwards of 20 million worldwide. However, some people can still feel cautious about “those multi-level things,” because they haven’t been properly educated about it. For those with open minds, invest the time to share with them why Network Marketing is a modern, viable and professional method of distribution.


Another caution: in our enthusiasm for this great industry, there is often a big temptation to dump a load of information on our Referral Sources for network marketing to justify why we are in this business. Keep it short, matter-of-fact and linked to one or two “success stories.” Concise, a calm conviction is the most persuasive style. Maybe share with them a book or video on Network Marketing — the more generic the content, the better!


Discomfort Factor #2: What You Are Going To Say To The Referrals

When asked for referrals, people may feel uncomfortable giving you names because they think you will be telling the Referral that they endorsed, or recommended the product or business opportunity.


This discomfort stems from their desire to protect their reputation in case the Referral doesn’t like what you present. A difference of opinion could mean that the Referral might lose respect or confidence in the person who referred them. No one wants this to happen, especially you.


  • Consider this:

The way to address this is to come right out and tell your referral sources for network marketing what you will be saying to the Referral. Reassure them that you won’t be saying that they recommended or endorsed your product.


You should develop a standard script that you can quote to your referral sources for network marketing. Make the wording your own—the point is to be able to quote it to the Referral Source.

Focus on giving information, and ideas, not selling.


Discomfort Factor #3: “Don’t Bother My Friends”

Again the real fear here is that the referral sources for network marketing might jeopardize a valued relationship with the referral if you annoy him when you call.


  • Consider this:

The best way to address this fear is to have the referral sources become so enthusiastic about the potential benefits to the referral that he genuinely wants you to call. If he is a happy customer, he will already know the benefits of the product. Then the question is simply: “Is there a good possibility that your referral could also be interested in this product?”


To answer this question, you will need to have done some homework. You must be able to describe (in some detail) the kinds of people that are your best and happiest customers. People will be most open—and even excited—to hear about the product or opportunity. This description is what we call “Your Ideal Referral Profile.”


  • Consider this:

On a sheet of paper, write down the characteristics of your most satisfied customers or distributors. What products do they buy? Male or female? Age range? Where located geographically? How much do they earn? Occupation? Why do they buy your products? Who do they know? Personality traits? Values? Interests? Hobbies, or recreational activities?


One particular question should always be put on your list: Does the referral know, like and respect the other sources? If they are merely acquaintances or there isn’t respect between them, then using the name of those referral sources for network marketing have minimal value.


  • Consider this:

Here’s an example of an ideal referral profile (for a nutritional product):


  • Health conscious exercises regularly
  • Has mentioned lack of energy
  • Is “on the go” a lot
  • Age 25 to 50
  • Buys vitamins or other supplements (willing to invest in health)
  • Interested in learning better ways to take care of themselves.


Your actual list can, and should be longer, and when you share it with your referral sources for network marketing, you will need to point out that just two or three of these characteristics are enough for that person to be a potentially good candidate.

Using this ideal referral profile will help immensely in assisting your referral sources for network marketing to think about the right kinds of people for you to approach and, in turn, show him that these people are very likely to be interested.

When you form the habit of using this process with all your good customers, you will further develop your relationship with them and with their friends—plus widen and deepen your own circle of friendships in the process and start living your own dreams.


  • Consider this:

You might ask: “Do you know anyone else who would be interested in your product and/or your opportunity?

Once you master this secret, you may never have to make another “cold call” again!

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