Necessary To Sell Benefits Instead Of Features

Why is it necessary to sell benefits instead of features?

If you have been in the sales industry as a career, it was always stressed that benefits were to be highlighted to help the prospect that he needed the product sold and how it would benefit them. Talk about benefits, and not features.

Selling features in most cases never work well. People don’t buy features. For that matter, people don’t buy products, ei­ther; nor do they buy services.

What the majority of people buy are benefits.

For your marketing efforts to get your prospects’ attention and move them to take action, they must lead with specific benefits, then substanti­ate those benefits with features. Learn more about how to create a perfect business venture and join with us.


Now, it is necessary to sell benefits as the features.

Features are important. But if you don’t get your prospect’s attention first with a benefit, they will neither hear nor see your features—nor, care about them.

Anyone who has ever built an or­ganization with a start-up, only to have it fail in the first year or two, knows why the longevity of the company should be important to a prospect—especially one who’s been in Network Marketing before. The savvy mar­keter never leaves it up to his prospects to discover or deduce such benefits for themselves.


The savvy marketer states it clearly: “You’ll have the security of cre­ating a business you can leave to your grandkids because we’ve been in business 10 years already—and you can count on us being around for at least another 50.”


The necessary to sell benefits: an example

Your company has been in business for 10 years and this is important. Only a few companies in any industry ever make it that long. But it only matters to the extent that it substantiates the real benefit for your prospect, which is in this case security. After all, you can only realize the promise of earning residual income if the company is still there to write the checks.

The prospect is chiefly concerned with what having a company being in business for a long time means for them and their future.


Here’s a powerful truth you must understand, yet which most Network­ers have a difficult time accepting:

  • Feature: Your Company, your products.
  • Benefit: You get statement made about your prospect.


Here’s another way of saying that: If you can put the words “You get . . .” in front of it, it’s most likely a benefit.

For example, if you say “We have a great pay plan,” that’s a feature. But if you tell your prospect, “You get a bonus when you reach a level,” and you get a residual income for life, now you’ve got a benefit.

The other way to deal with this is­sue is to use the phrase, “What that means for you is this. . .” … but it shows your prospect why that specific feature is important to him or her. It shows the benefit.

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“Our scientists go to the rainforests of South America to get this special in­gredient because it’s the only com­pletely natural substance proven to re­duce wrinkles without unwanted side-effects. Feature. What this means for you is that you get healthier-looking skin­ safely—and everyone will be telling you how much younger you look.” Benefit.


The key points to remem­ber here are:

  • Always lead with the ben­efits—the positive results that your customers and prospects will get for themselves—then substantiate those benefits with the features.
  • Always lead with the benefit first, followed by the remain­ing benefits—in order of their value to your prospect.


The final word is:

  •  Put the words “YOU GET” in front of the statement. Lead with the benefits; follow with the features.
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