Have A Little Style…

Have A Little Style…

RECRUITING IS THE KEY MARKETING ELEMENT IN YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS – building plan — and the key to recruiting success is recruiting with style.

To have success in the Internet Business, you first of all need to understand yourself.

What are your behavioral characteristics? Do you do things quickly, or do you have a tendency to move slowly?

Do you like to get the job done or are you a people person?

You may have a tendency to be a dominator; fast-paced, task-oriented, take risks, I can do the job better person. Or, you may the exact opposite, you like to influence, a person who is people focused, less task-oriented, more outgoing, and talkative.

You may be relationship focused, you like to be on a team, and very systematic. You may be a data seeker, very private, and reserved.

Each of us has all of these characteristics within us, but we express them at different levels of energy based on our behavioral style tendencies.

The first step in your Internet Business marketing strategy is to understand yourself better, and then as you deal with others, you can understand them better. Once you understand yourself, and others better, you can communicate more effectively, thus recruiting more people for your Internet Business.

Consider this:

The next step is to pay attention to the style of behavior of those you want to recruit.

Some people are easier to talk to than others. Have you noticed this?

Have you noticed that in speaking to different ones that you are more relaxed with them than others? You have less difficulty communicating with them?

The reason being is that we all have different personalities, and styles of doing things.

Sometimes this works very well, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Some, however, feel that they have a “clinical eye” when it comes to judging people’s character, personality, and trustworthiness. Cultural backgrounds have much to do with this. So when we have a problem communicating with someone, we jump to conclusions. We have the tendency to judge that person. When we meet someone for the first time, we tend to formulate opinions about the person in light of our past experience. We are prone to generalize, and to judge him on the basis of stereotypes. In addition to physical appearance, we may evaluate or judge the person because of his nationality, ethnicity, social standing, or religion. Judging by appearance can be harmful.

Think about this:

Why is being more accepting so important to your success?

Most people in Internet Network Marketing Business have a tendency to recruit people of their own style. The problem with this, is you can be losing out on as much as 80% of your potential recruiting


Consider this:

So-called “movers and shakers” in Network Marketing are fast-paced people who tend to overlook prospects with more reserved styles. They are loyal. They stay with you once they trust you, and they’re sold on the opportunity.

This slower-paced, more cautious ones mentioned above, well they have to have structure, they may decide at a much slower pace to join you. The best thing to do is to stay with them, and show them how you want to help them build a contributing Internet Business that is financially rewarding for all concerned. They will listen to you when you have paced with them and paid attention to their needs.

These people usually make sure things are done “right.” They in the long run will really support you. They will also recruit more of their own style of energy to help you build your Successful Internet Business Team.

It’s important to observe people’s energy, pay attention to what’s going on, and pace with people. If you are the slower style, you will have to do your best to pick up the pace a little bit to serve the needs of the faster paced people.

It is your responsibility to speak with people on their terms — in their behavioral style that they are, not trying to put them into your mold. Show the people how to take their next best step, not your next best step. Ha! You may be thinking, easier said than done. But do the best you can to change your thinking.

How about this:

Relationships are the foundation of your Internet business. When you communicate with styles, you can create a positive energy with others, which will support your success in building long lasting relationships in your business team.

Communicating effectively reduces conflict, and everybody’s performance increases, which results in more productivity, and profitability.

Consider this:

Understand yourself first. Identify your own behavioral patterns. The more you understand yourself, the more confidence you’ll have in managing the people on your team.

The next step is to observe the energy of the people on your team, and whom you recruit. Get in touch with them, and their behavioral styles. Take notice of the styles that are dominant in their behavior, and communicate with them accordingly.

To Think about:

To be effective in blending your styles with another person, you may have to stretch or redirect your own energy.

If you are a slower-paced person by nature, and you want to recruit a really fast-paced individual, you’ll have to adjust your slower-paced nature to move it along at the faster pace your new recruit prefers.

If you are a fast-paced person recruiting a slower-paced person, you will want to redirect some of your enthusiasm through slower speech, and less animation in your body language. In other words, take it easy, and slow it down.

Appearances can be deceptive, and impressions can be wrong; but an objective examination of the facts can result in pleasant surprises.

You want to avoid judging people on the basis of superficial impressions.

To be successful in the Internet Business, we truly need each other’s differences, and we need to honor other people’s styles without being judgmental. You aren’t giving up your own identity when you blend your style with others. You are simply using your strengths to bring out their strengths.

We should cultivate the habit, not of judging people, but of trying to understand them by putting ourselves in their place—not an easy thing to do but a necessary thing. When you do this when recruiting with your team in Network Marketing, you will have success.

REPLACE FEAR WITH CURIOSITY Courage Changes Everything.

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